Embracing Uncomfortable: Facing Our Fears While Pursuing Our Purpose

By: Deborah E. Gorton

The truth is—we’re hardwired to seek comfort, but comfort usually doesn’t move us in the right direction.

Every day we face a thousand choices between what is best and what is easier. And most of the time, we’ll choose what’s easier, which is why we so often feel frustrated, anxious, and disconnected. But when you learn to embrace the uncomfortable as the gateway to better things, everything changes. Embracing Uncomfortable teaches you how to

  • Recognize what you need to do to find purpose and joy
  • Develop the courage to radically accept your situation as it is
  • Have the courage to do what it takes to move forward
  • You’ll learn practical skills to help you pursue and fulfill your purpose, like “practicing the pause” and “balancing your emotions.” Discover the freedom and joy that will fill your life when you begin to see discomfort as an important step toward reaching your goals.