Practices for Working in the Presence of God: A Guided Journal

By: Denise Daniels   How do we invite God into our everyday lives? Working in the Presence of God discusses the incorporation of spiritual disciplines into the ordinary rhythms of everyday experience. God is already present and active, so by becoming aware of workday rhythms and focusing on where various spiritual practices might be implemented in our jobs, we can be transformed into Christ’s likeness through our work. We often think of spiritual practices as preparation for our regular lives; in comfortable spaces and ideal settings, we set aside time to hear from God. But what if we can engage in these practices in the midst of our regular lives, and particularly at work? This transformation takes place when we surrender our working lives to God, begin to hear his voice, accept his pleasure, and allow his guidance at work.

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This guide is a hybrid between a workbook and a journal, and includes a compilation of resources for people to incorporate into their spiritual practices at work. Each chapter aligns with the eleven original chapters in the first book and includes the following:

  • artwork that introduces and provides space to reflect on the practice of that chapter
  • a brief overview of the practice
  • an adaptation of the practice for remote working environments
  • an application of the practice (where applicable) for those in leadership or management positions
  • a brief guided-practice section
  • Scripture passages for reflection
  • guided prayers
  • and other helpful resources