Killing Comparison: Reject the Lie You Aren’t Good Enough and Live Confident in Who God Made You to Be

It’s time to leave behind the discontent of comparative thinking and discover a free and joyful life in the security of God’s love.

If you find yourself filled with feelings of insecurity, sure that others are better off or more worthy than you are…then you’re in good company! In today’s image-driven world, nearly all of us deal with the struggles of comparison and self-worth.

Nona Jones knows this mindset all too well. Throughout her life and in her recent career as an executive for the world’s largest social media company, Nona discovered how true confidence can only be achieved by defeating comparative thinking and securing our identity to God’s approval alone.

Join Pastor Nona Jones as she provides a fresh, biblically rooted perspective on the age-old human habit of comparing oneself to others. Killing Comparison will give you the tools you need to:

  1. Determine your true source of self-worth.
  2. Develop practical ways to conquer daily comparison.
  3. Learn how to control social media instead of letting it control you.
  4. Discover how to accomplish your dreams without comparing yourself at every turn.

Through practical insight and down-to-earth encouragement, Nona helps you avoid the despair of comparison and pursue a life inspired by the one who made us in his image.