4word Branded Business Bible

This first of its kind Bible includes a 4word branded book sleeve, letter from our founder and inspirational bookmark. Gift this amazing tool to your colleagues and loved ones!

There is One Book Proven to Help You Do Business and Create Wealth

The Bible is about business from beginning to end. It is the first and only book to record all the Principles essential for business, investing and generosity.

The Business Bible is filled with articles, briefs, case studies, and the Principles in gold letters that make it easy to understand God’s Plan for success in your life and work.

The 4word Partnership

  • 4word is creating the 1st of a kind 4word Business Bible to reach millions of Christian women (and men) in the workplace through a national media campaign.
    Like 4word’s mission to empower women to be Christ-centered and connected as they pursue God’s purpose for their lives; the Business Bible’s mission is empowering people to do business the way God originally designed.
  • 4word is partnering with the Business Bible to create high caliber digital content for influential and aspirational women in the workplace around the world.
  • 4word believes that everything you need to know about life and business is in the Bible. The Business Bible is a powerful tool help 4word exceed the goal of empowering 10 million women in the workplace to CHANGE THE WORLD!

The Gold Letter Edition

To create the book, Leone went through all 33,000 verses of Scripture and catalogued which ones related to business. The Business Bible is the “Gold-letter edition” of Scripture, where the principles of business are in gold leaf.